The Gilead Institute of America


Donations can be made through PayPal. Simply click on the button beside the specific donation you would like to make, and you will be taken to PayPal where you can make secure payments from your credit card, check card, or bank account. If you do not have a PayPal account, when you click on a button you will be given the opportunity to open one, which is free.

Make a donation to the Gilead Institute:

A donation to the Gilead Institute will help us to maintain this website, the information it contains, and enable us to continue to improve it. Your donation will be used wherever it is needed most. It will help us to continue sending out tapes and literature, and thus promote the truths of God. Your donation will help us to continue our outreach and health education programs, advance God's medical missionary work, as well as cover general overhead expenses. Please consider making a donation. Thank you.

Make a donation to the Berean Church of Free SDA building fund:

A donation to the building fund will assist us in erecting a new sanctuary on our recently purchased property. Many people have donated toward this project. However, we need continued support in order for this project to be realized. For a report on this project, please click here. This new church will allow the truths of God’s Word to be shared with many more people. Please consider making a donation toward this goal. Thank you.

Make a donation towards evangelism towards local and foreign missions:

A donation will help to support outreach programs, literature evangelism, health outreach, both nationally and internationally. Please consider making a donation. Thank you.

Make a payment for items or services:

You can make payments for books, tapes, literature, health items, or a service that you would like to receive. Click on the Payments button, and once you are in PayPal, please state in the comments box what item(s) you are requesting or making a payment for.