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Shown below are some bulletin covers that you can download and print on your color printer. They can be used as church bulletins, program covers, or other occasions where a spiritual theme is needed for a function handout or program. You will need Acrobat Reader to open the files. If you do not have Adobe Reader, click here. Also, you will want to print this page for the instructions on how to print the file and drop in the desired name in the banner.

How to Print: Click on the link for your desired cover. When it opens into Reader, click on the floppy icon and save the .pdf file to your disk. (Please be patient as it may take a few moments for the picture to download.) Open the .pdf file that you saved to your computer in Acrobat Reader. In Page Setup set the page orientation to "Wide." Also, in the Print dialogue box for Acrobat Reader settings, turn off (uncheck) "Shrink oversize pages." Print the bulletin cover on your color printer on 8.5" x 11" white paper (24 pound or 60 pound paper works good). The tan banner area is intentionally left blank so you can drop in the name of your church or the title of your function. (If you try to print from within your browser, it may shrink the format.) If the printer still shrinks the image and there is a Print Method option in the Acrobat Reader setting box, select "Print as Image" and try printing again.

How to Drop in a Name in the Banner Area: After you have printed the covers from Adobe Reader, set up a document so you can drop your name in the banner area. In Microsoft Word get a New Page and set your margins to 0.5" and the page orientation to landscape (or wide). Set up a 2-column format with 1" spacing between columns. Press your Return key until your cursor comes to the top of the second column. (The first column can be used for putting text on the back of the bulletin, or just typing the word "NOTES" at the top so that it can be used as a Notes Page.) Type in your desired name or title, center it, and format it as you desire. Then print it into the tan banner area by sending the covers back through your printer. Do a test print first to see if everything lines up properly.

Permitted Uses: These bulletin covers may be used for non-commercial uses, such as church services and functions, non-profit activities, and community events. They may NOT be printed for sale or electronically distributed without direct permission from The Gilead Institute. ©2009

Noah's Ark


Fall Color 1

Fall Color 2

Fall Color 3

Fall Color 4

Misty Woodland

Lighthouse 1

Lighthouse 2

Lighthouse 3

2nd Coming

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunrise 1

Sunrise 2


Last Supper






Beach 1/rest

Beach 2/flourish