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If you would like to receive a FREE sermon every month on various topics, including practical Christianity, family issues, prophecy, health, current issues, and other interesting topics, please fill out the request form below. We do not charge a fee for the Sermon of the Month; however, you will be requested to periodically renew your FREE subscription. Donations are appreciated to help cover costs and enable us to continue providing these timely messages. Along with the sermon you will receive a Newsletter on the latest that is happening and a Question & Answer section where you can read the answer to an interesting question that was sent to us. Many have been richly blessed by these messages. We invite you to also be blessed!

You have two formats to choose from: MP3 and CD. If you choose the MP3 format you will receive the monthly sermons as MP3 files via email, which will require a working email address. Along with each MP3 file you will recieve that month's Newsletter as a PDF file. If you choose the CD format you will receive the sermons on CD through the Post Office, along with the Newsletter. Non-USA addresses should choose the MP3 option; the CD option is available to non-USA addresses by special arrangement and will be received once every two months.

Whenever you have a change of email address and/or postal address, be sure to let us know. If we are not notified, your monthly sermon subscription may be canceled until you request it again along with your updated information.

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